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This post is dedicated to Mark Dierker.

Oh Tropical Terror, how I've missed you

How impressed I am that you still taste amazing.

How grateful I am that Mark has made and sent me some.

Thank you :)
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My server is back up. Comment me and I'll give a login. I've been having people try and brute-force it lately, so I'm trying to keep this as secure as I can.
Comments are screened because of this.
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A quote

"What the names in language signify must be indestructible; for it must be possible to describe the state of affairs in which everything destructible is destroyed. And this description will contain words; and what corresponds to these cannot then be destroyed, for otherwise the words would have no meaning."
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(no subject)

I used to pride myself on my ability to be objective in arguments and debates. I never thought that would change.
Being in a relationship is so much different.
I never knew how selfish I could be.

I miss the times that I felt mature.
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I seem to have learned something about myself

I don't do so well in classes that require memorization as opposed to understanding. Math classes, science classes, philosophy classes, et cetera I have no problem with. I test well because I understand the material, and it's all about application of things learned.

Classes like History, and my Physical Geography class, I have serious issues with. It's no longer about understanding, but about obtained information that can only be applied in one way. I don't know everything about Andrew Jackson. I don't want to know everything about Andrew Jackson. I want to learn things I can apply in other situations. Like a formula, or composition. I don't care that the soil is podzol or that the panic of 18whateverthefuck was due to heavy land speculation. It might be interesting that the clouds are altocumulus, or those nice little wispy cirrus, but that's the only application I have.

This is frustrating.
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Much to say, few ways to say it

As always, things happen more often than I am able to tell about them, and I'll kave to skim over some things, in fantastically highlighted form!

-School is annoying. I'm not doing very well in my testing, but otherwise I'm doing alright. Need to catch up.
-Money is stressful.
-Apparently I thought I had more to say.

Basically the newest thing is that I have just been hired at Washington Mutual! I'm no longer slave to the bagel trade, but rather a slave to the monies :) (And I only realized after I was hired that, fuck, I'm jewish. My last two jobs have illustrated and perfected the stereotype) I had two interviews, one formal and one informal. After the second one they said they'd get back to me in a couple days and let me know after they had a couple more interviews. About a half hour later they called me and offered me the job.
The background check process was long and obnoxious, but hey, it's a bank. I had to get all of my employment history, all of the long lost phone numbers, my previous addresses... et cetera all together, and enter it on this user-unfriendly website for background checks. I was mailed a packet, got my fingerprints done at a police station, mailed them back, and found out this morning that my background check passed and that I've been offered the job. Exciting! I start two weeks from today, on the 21st.
I'm definitely looking forward to the change of pace, specifically because I think this is not only a good job change, but a good career move for me. It gets me going in some sort of direction, instead of being in stagnation as I have been at the bagel shop. And that, if not for the pay raise, is one good reason to be happy about this switch.

Sarah may soon switch her job, too. She's found a position at the Capitol that pays poorly but would afford her great opportunity, especially because "Worked for the State of Fucking Representatives of the Texas Fucking Legislature looks great on a resume. It would afford her more time for school, more time with me (yay) and more normalcy as far as daytime goes

-Infected Mushroom's show a couple weeks ago must have been the best I've seen in a long time. Tool and NIN are the only rivals that come to mind, and I think the energy at this show far surpassed the others. I had the chance to meet some awesome people there and not to mention, I was plenty drunk. I nearly pissed myself when, in the middle of a song, the singer broke out into "My own.... personal.... jesus...."

On a sadder note, my dog passed away a couple months ago. He had gotten to the point where he was so sick and old that he couldn't see or hear anything, and he lost all sense of where things were and what they did. He was a poor lost and confused old puppy. Being there to put him down may have been one of the harder things emotionally I've had to experience. I've never really dealt with death before, human or animal. All of it had been when I was much younger and didn't understand things fully. Being adult and inexperienced in the matter made things very difficult.
We had him cremated, so now he sits in a box on my desk.
I miss him.

After all of my weight loss, I'm just now starting to feel pretty good about my body. I've still got a tummy to lose, but my arms and chest are becoming something closer to "not-too-shabby". I've learned some cool new exercises to strengthen my abs and whatnot, so I don't actually feel like I have that far to go. It's the diet that's hardest to stick to.

I'm up to 93 GB of music. My hard drive is almost full. I need moreee. Mooooorrreee (This is your cue for recommendations)

I think that may be all I've got. Tomorrow it's study time. Going to read as much as I can of Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein. All he does is talk in circles about how he doesn't actually know what he's talking about. Such is western philosophy. Then it's studying for my history exam.
Not much of a day off. Sleep time.
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I'm at the point again where I have so much music, but I don't really want to listen to anything I have.
I want music recommendations from you lot. I'm really into metal right now, as well as electronica (particularly breakcore like Aphex Twin and The Flashbulb)

Come on people!
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The Holidays

Ahh, yes.

So, for the most part, the holidays were great for me. Christmas was a little tough simply because the day before I had opened, not getting much sleep the night before, and had to stay up for festivities later that night. Managed to stay strong until about eight thirty when I decided that it was about time to pass the fuck out (for a nap, at least). I woke up a couple hours later when Austin and Karen showed up. I was enjoying the whole thing except for the fact that my allergies were making me miserable. My dad came and we all had good times for the two nights Sarah and I stayed. (Over at her Mom's place)

The gifts we received were very nice, got some gift cards to Ikea, Sephora (for Sarah, obviously), Starbucks, and Olive Garden. I got my dad a USB turntable so he can finally do something with all of the vinyl he has. More gifts for more people et cetera... don't really feel like divulging what every single person got.

Day after Christmas and it's back to work for Dan, 10 hour days until we leave for Florida on the 30th to see our families. (My family has a huge thing every new year.)

I got to see my Aunt and Uncle, four of my six cousins, their wives and children (for the two that are married, obviously), my Grandmother, and a number of other people I haven't seen in years.

Then we also saw two of Sarah's Aunts and her Uncle off in Niceville, which was lovely.. nice long drive to get there.

Alright well, instead of continuing to recall events, let me get into it a little more.
All of my family was very impressed with me. They loved Sarah, and felt that I had grown up a lot, and matured into someone respectable and reliable. I'm glad, for the most part, that they think that of me, but I also feel like I should disagree with them. It's been something I've really been putting some thought into lately, and it could be just that I'm getting down on myself, but I really don't feel like I've become all that more responsible and adult. It could be because I think that people still look at me like I'm a kid, or it could be that every time I try to make an adult decision, my dad flips out, or I feel like I need to clear it with my mother, or whatever... Or perhaps because I feel like I'm not really responsible with my money yet. In any case, I feel like I'm still a kid doing adult things.

On another note, I am very glad that my family loved Sarah and that she got along with all of them famously.

Ug, I'm finding it so difficult to just stream my thoughts tonight. Let me just mention a few more things, and then I'll be off.

Since we've been back (we came back on the 2nd) I found that I gained 10 lbs over the holidays (not entirely surprising. I think the thing I had most of was chocolate), so I'm back on the diet, hopefully to get down to my goal weight finally. I need to pass the plateau that I hit before. It's just been so hard to get back to the gym, we have to try really hard now just to keep active and not eat crappy food.

Other notes:
-Thinking of quitting Einstein's (again)
-Bought a ridiculous TV (see what I mean?)
-I miss my friends that are away for the holidays.
-want Orange Box for ps3.
-quit smoking again. hopefully this time for good.
-Thinking of seeing someone to overcome my ridiculous fear of certain foods
-Anyone want a huge CRT monitor? Let's talk(about 22" to 25". Yeah, TV-sized, I know.)
-I think that's all I've got